Meet the Author
Jay Tucker is a life-long South Floridian.  Growing up in Naples, FL gave Jay year-long sun and the foundation and desire to stay active.  This desire pointed him in the direction  of education, where he holds a Bachelor Degree from Florida Gulf Coast University. 

Jay has been married to his wife Kimberly, since 1995.  Together they have two beautiful children, Sarah and William.  After two years in the classroom and a 9/11 shortened stint as a national educational speaker, Jay finally answered God's call in his life to enter full-time youth ministry.

That career has spanned 15+ years as both a volunteer and salaried employee in the church.  Over the years, Jay has attended many youth worker conferences and events.  It was during one of these events when he made a sobering discovery; a large percentage of his fellow youth workers were extremely overweight.  This began a journey into how to help himself and others acheive and maintain the level of health that will enable us to minister the way God calls us to.

The book is a humorous look at youth from ministry "from the trenches."  It is filled with professional tips, spiritual advice, and easy to follow fitness and nutritional tips that are designed to fit naturally into the life of the youth worker. 
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